Client Example

You are starting a new business or changing offices. Here is a typical timeline:

Initial Consultation

Onsite meeting to gather requirements for estimate. Our estimates are accurate, include only what you need, and come with a detailed setup diagram for your reference.

Equipment Purchases

We select the proper vendors that will best provide the hardware and software for your network. By making these requirement decisions early, we can best tailor the hardware resources for your needs. Examples of purchases would be servers, workstations, wireless routers, switches, and client licenses for Microsoft Windows and antivirus.

Setup Connectivity

Based on our agreed network plan, we install all connection-based hardware such as routers, firewalls, switches and server racks.

Install Servers

When inventory has arrived, we preconfigure the hardware and prepare them for on-site installation. Applications such as email, web, database and the domain controller are customized for your site.

Setup Workstations

The workstations, loaded with the operating system of your choice are physically set up according to our layout agreement. We use a disk image to broadcast the configuration to all computers in your network. Also, any peripherals such as printers, copiers and network devices are in place and ready.

Configure Software

All the applications which are crucial for your organization are added to your environment. We add all the necessary user accounts, and begin testing to make sure all of your software is working correctly.

Secure Environment

Your network is locked down to ensure internet threats such as viruses and worms do not interfere with your productivity. Intrusion detection is also used to maintain the integrity of the servers from day one.

Provide Training

Before we hand you the keys to your new, finely tuned network, we provide you with a summary of all of your available services. A training session is provided to all of the users to make sure you are taking advantage of what your network has to offer.

Continual Support

You now have your new network, but you are not alone. We will continue to monitor your environment for any issues, 24/7. You also have access to your personalized dashboard view of your network, and an online support system.

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